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Hello!  My name is Mike Horne and I buy and sell the pre-owned used cars in Santa Cruz for Specialized Auto Sales.  We are primarily a repair shop that also sells pre-owned used cars in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Jose CA.  We began as a Volvo repair shop that grew into an overall European shop and our pre-owned used inventory reflects that.  The shop has a great local reputation here in Santa Cruz and I try to continue in the same manner when selling our cars. We are your preferred used car dealer near San Jose, Ca. Every car I buy is inspected here and most of the suggestions they make I do, whether it be to update the maintenance or perform any repair that is needed.  We also have a 50/50 mechanical warranty; please ask me about it for more details.  The hours for the sales department, the new hours are Monday-Friday 9-6 and Saturday by appointment. Please call with any questions at (831) 462-3458 ext. 108.

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